Day 111/114: Al Masad المسد - The Palm Fibre⁣
Following on from the previous chapter and the promise of a victory, this chapter speaks of how the obstacles in the path of that victory were to be removed.⁣

Sometimes it can be difficult to wonder how a larger plan will play out, especially when so many things may seemingly stand in your way. ⁣

Muhammad ﷺ is given signs in the form of the people who oppose him being removed from his path, in evidence of the bigger victories that will manifest later in his mission.⁣

“May the hands of Abu Lahab be ruined, and ruined is he.⁣
His wealth will not avail him or that which he gained.” [111:1-2]⁣
Day 112/114: Al Ikhlas الإخلاص - The Sincerity ⁣
Nearing the end, a chapter which is considered to be like one third of the Quran.⁣

It emphasises a fundamental concept - that God is one. ⁣

Islam stresses that God is not like his creation, that He has no partners, and that He does not give birth, nor was He given birth- which differentiates it from other faiths.⁣

“Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One” [112:1]
Day 113/114: Al Falaq الفلق - The Daybreak⁣
Reaching the penultimate.⁣

In any given pursuit of life, there will inevitably be things that stand in your way.⁣

There will be people, obstacles, and barriers that prevent you from reaching places, and achieving things.⁣

The kids would call them “haters”.⁣

Though beyond the lip service, somebody wanting your downfall can very easily make it happen, for no other reason than to see you fail.⁣

Entire careers and lives have been destroyed purely due to jealousy from certain parties.⁣

So in nearing the end, we seek God’s protection from these things as we traverse through life. ⁣

“Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak⁣
From the evil of that which He created”" [113:1-2]⁣
Day 114/114: An-Nas الناس - Mankind⁣
The previous chapter focused on protecting the heart from outside.⁣

Now, we look to protect ourselves from within.⁣

Every person of success, everyone who cares, who wishes to do good, suffers from self doubt at some point.⁣

From imposter syndrome, from the perils of perfectionism. It’s often a voice that has come from outside, from the mouths of critics and cynics, and much like inception, becomes an inner voice that we mistake for our own.⁣

It is this very voice which can drive a person to their own downfall. So we must recognise these doubts whenever they arise, and eject them from our hearts and our bodies.⁣

“Against the harm of the slinking whisperer––⁣
Who whispers into the hearts of people––“ [114:4-5]⁣
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