Day 91/114: Ash Shams الشمس - The Sun⁣
The day brings out the sun, which brings out illumination for whatever land it rises it upon.⁣

Eventually it sets, and is covered by the darkness, leaving only the moon.⁣

But even in that darkness, the moon ensures that we aren’t left completely blind. The moon has phases, even when we can’t see it, it’s still there.⁣

Same goes for the sun that is hidden behind the clouds on a gloomy day.⁣

And so is the nature of the human. We are in a state of conflict between light and dark.⁣

But even when you find yourself in the deepest, most darkest depths in life, remember that like the moon, there is still light inside you. And the night is darkest, just before the dawn.⁣

Keep going.⁣

“And [by] the day when it displays it⁣
And [by] the night when it covers it” [91:3-4]⁣
Day 92/114: Al Layl الليل - The Night⁣
Everyone follows a path in life.⁣

And after you take the first step towards any given path, every subsequent action becomes easier.⁣

The greatest of successes didn’t happen overnight, but through many ups and downs, and began with one action.⁣

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.⁣

Those who choose a path of good- it is evident in their actions not only towards the people, but in his awareness of God too.⁣

“If you keep your destiny in mind, every moment in life becomes an opportunity for moving closer to it.” - Arthur Golden⁣

“Indeed, your efforts are diverse.⁣
There is the one who gives, who is mindful of God,⁣
who testifies to goodness––⁣
We shall smooth his way towards ease.” [92:4-7]⁣
Day 93/114: Ad-Duha الضحى - The Morning Brightness⁣
A chapter near and dear to the hearts of many.⁣

Came at a time when Prophet Muhammad ﷺ hadn’t received revelation for several months and became worried as a result of that.⁣

So this chapter was then revealed- a reassurance that he had not been forgotten, not neglected.⁣

And such, for us too, no matter how bleak life may seem, we are never forgotten either.⁣

The night is darkest before the dawn. The dawn will soon arrive.⁣

“Did He not find you lost and guide you?” [93:7]⁣
Day 94/114: Ash-Sharh الشرح - The Relief ⁣
Following on from the previous chapter: reassurance of ease amidst turbulent times.⁣

No difficulty we face is an outright turmoil - there is always a given ease in any situation, but passing through it can often blind us to the objective truth.⁣

When you pass through something, however slowly, you are still moving. As with many matters: hindsight is 20/20, and being able to evaluate past achievements and failures to any degree makes this fact more prevalent, the longer we ponder upon it. ⁣

“So truly where there is hardship there is also ease;⁣
truly where there is hardship there is also ease.”[94:5-6]⁣
Day 95/114: At-Tin التين - The Fig⁣
Human beings are given honour in the form of their creation, and their ability to achieve many things.⁣

Though this gets taken away by wanton desires, which reduces them to a state even lower than that of animals.⁣

There are various examples of this, with the prevalence of promiscuity and several atrocities being committed in such widespread fashion, to the point majority of the world has been desensitised to it.⁣

Interesting to note that the there is also a mention of Mount Sinai (peak), and Makkah (a valley) as a way of subtle imagery leading on to this.⁣

Peaks and valleys are also what make up the ECG - it’s what makes us human and keeps us alive, and a reminder that our life will always encompass ups and downs, and that nobody owns perfection other than God.⁣

“We create man in the finest state⁣
then reduce him to the lowest of the low” [95:4-5]⁣
Day 96/114: Al Alaq العلق - The Clinging Form⁣
The first word of the first verse of the Quran to be revealed was a command to “Read”.⁣

It was brought to a people and to a land that wasn’t bibliophilic, sprawling with literature and institutions. Their primary method of retaining information was memorisation.⁣

The Islamic world went on to great lengths to expand in this way - with the first ever university (Al Qarawiyyin) being founded in Morocco back in the year 859, and still exists today.⁣

There are countless works of jurisprudence and exegesis written on Islamic literature too, all stemming from this initial command.⁣

So go forth, and read. ⁣

“Read! In the name of your Lord who created” [96:1]⁣
Day 97/114: Al Qadr القدر - The Power ⁣
Ramadan is the most special month of the year - but within it (specifically the final 10 days) is a night that is greater than a thousand months.⁣

Whether in virtue or in hard math - it’s a time where you’ll find the mosques usually the busiest, on top of the usual worship that takes place during the month.⁣

Our lives are relatively short, and what can accomplish within the few years we have is a big deal to most of us - so to be given one night every year that is greater than an entire lifespan alone is sacred to many during the month.⁣

“The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months.” [97:3]⁣
Day 98/114: Al Bayyinah البينة - The Clear Proof⁣
The word “Bayyinah” is derived from another word which means “to be separated”.⁣

In order to clarify something, and to understand it, you have to separate it so you can study it individually.⁣

Words have to be separated into their letters so we can spell them, and even light has to be separated into its components so we can see what it’s made of.⁣

Essentially, “bayyinah” here is not only prophet Muhammad ﷺ, (who was known as the honest, and the truthful one even before his prophethood) but him specifically reciting the Quran. His conduct and his actions were that of the perfect Muslim, embodying the Quran in the best way possible.⁣

“Those who disbelieve among the People of the Book and the idolaters were not about to change their ways until they were sent clear evidence, ⁣
a messenger from God, reading out pages [blessed with] purity,⁣
containing true scriptures.” [98:1-3]⁣
Day 99/114: Az-Zalzalah الزلزلة - The Earthquake⁣
When taking accounts of any one thing, it’s unfortunately become a norm in some societies to overlook and disregard certain things. Sometimes out of laziness, other times due to more sinister intentions.⁣

The nature of our creation and life is such that no deed, big or small, is left unnoticed. And we will be fully recompensed for even the smallest act of good we did- be it a few pennies worth we gave in charity.⁣

We will also be accounted for the smallest act of evil. And therein lies the importance of being true and just, no matter what we do in any aspect of our lives. ⁣

“So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it,⁣
And whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it.” [99:7-8]⁣
Day 100/114: Al Adiyat العاديات - The Charging Steeds⁣
The first passage of this chapter is one that grabs the attention of the listener - going back to the consideration of who it was brought to (Arabs who were masters in language and poetry) as well as its format of delivery (verbal). ⁣

You can think of it as a movie trailer, where a picture is being painted of a group of men on horses charging into an town/village in order to attack.⁣

Poetic in nature, it caught the audiences attention because poetry was their entertainment industry, their music industry, their theatre, their cinema, especially in a time where digital technology did not exist.⁣

“By the charging steeds that pant⁣
and strike sparks with their hooves,⁣
who make dawn raids,⁣
raising a cloud of dust,⁣
and plunging into the midst of the enemy,” [100:1-5]⁣
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